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Erik Jones fashion illustration Exhibition

Thank you Erik Jones for sending us his new works for Colorform show in New York at Sacred Gallery NYC, on 5th Dec. The amazing artworks are drawn by Pencil, Acrylic, Wax Pastel on Revies bfk paper mounted to wood panel. 

Born In St. Petersburg Florida, Erik is focusing on contemporary figure painting as well abstract form and space art. He combines traditional and modern techniques to create vibrant, techni-colored portraits with a certain pop-edge cool about them, contrasting with the delicate and dreamy aura projected by his female subjects.

Erik’s facebookinstagram

Erik other Artworks

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Erik Jones / “Semaki” / Pencil, Wax Pastel, Acrylic, Oil on Rivesbfk / 30”x40” / 2013
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Erik Jones /  Galena  /  2012
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Opaque  by  andbamnan